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About Spiritverse
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About Spiritverse
Spirit verse is a metaverse platform that allows people to meditate individually, in groups, and participate in marathons and challenges with token rewards

About Spiritverse
Grow your spirit. Make your mind stronger. Achieve your goals. increase your wealth
We know how difficult it can be to develop a steady habit of meditating and devoting time to spiritual practices. How stressful it can be to concentrate on gratitude day after day and change your habits. That's why we're going to make meditation, goal achievement, and spiritual practices fun and engaging. Visual views, high-quality voiceover, meditative music. It has helped generations of Tibetan monks, and it will help you. To focus, empty your mind, and perform it with a positive attitude and motivation.

Coming Events
By June we will be starting regular events for the members of the Discord community

You can also check our coaches and soft skill experts, who will play a role in the events.
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How Spiritverse Makes Your Life Better:
You draw wisdom from the best
You met lots of awesome people
You fill less depressed
You got a positive attitude
Your concentration ability increased
You made meditation your consistent habit
Which content you can find in
Group and individual meditations in different places using VR, laptop, or phone
The opportunity to be present, meditate and study in the most wonderful places
in the world: rainforests, Indian beaches, on top of Mount Everest and 50 other places.
Listening to certified effective statements voiced by actors and world-renowned gurus
Networking sessions in different locations
Educational events in different locations
Core functions of Spiritverse:
Marathons: Participate in long-distance group competitions, such as daily yoga, daily meditation, daily affirmations and earn money.
Challenges: dare yourself to achieve your goals and build wealth
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