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Professional trading platform with a support team and tutorials. Every day 12 000 traders from 50 countries use CScalp trading platform.Join us!

CScalp is the best trading terminal for scalping

All exchanges in one place
You can switch between exchanges without changing a platform
Connect multiple accounts of the same currency exchange and quickly switch between them with ease
Stable connection
Problems with connection to exchange? Download CScalp and trade using our proxy servers

Trade, analyze, control

  • 1
    Order book
    Trade with dozens of instruments simultaneously and put the limit orders with one click
  • 2
    Market trades history
    Market orders are displayed in real time. Be aware of all trades made in real time by market participants
  • 3
    Keep abreast. You always see who dominate the market - buyers or sellers
  • 4
    Watch price dynamics in the way most comfortable for you
  • 5
    On hand access to your trading history. Control your profit and loss without distracting from trading
  • 6
    Risk management
    Use Stop-loss and Take-profit orders to save your deposit аnd fix profit
Personalize your working space
Organize your working space as you wish. Adjust the layout of order books, graphs and tabs in accordance to your tasks and create separate working space for each monitor

More than just a trading platform

CScalp is not just a trading platform.
This is a community of enthusiastic traders and services designed to make trading easier and more convenient
Service for storing and analyzing trading history. Connects to the exchange and displays trades automatically
Trading ideas and setups of the stock markets from professional traders
The CScalp support team is always available. You can contact support through the website, Telegram and E-mail
Join the CScalp community!

Why traders choose CScalp?

The CScalp team are professional developers. We have been creating stock trading software since 2009
trading terminal, cscalp
Free to use service
You download CScalp and use all its features for free. We do not need to pay for additional features, updates and support
High security
CScalp does not intercept, parse or forward sensitive user data. Logins and passwords are stored only on your computer
No need to search for "pirate" versions on torrents and worry about updates. If exchanges update their software, CScalp will update it automatically. It's simple and convenient
trading terminal, cscalp
CScalp only works with Windows x64. You can also run CScalp on macOS and Linux using the Windows emulator
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