About us
Our roots go back to Russia, so we understand how important it is to increase people's attentiveness, emotional control and resilience. We are hiding our identities because our families still live in Russia and they may be in danger if the Russian government finds out that we are helping Ukrainian children.
Everybody needs something to hold on to in search of inner peace. I find mine in watching the game of lights, which defines the visual beauty of our world, and fills with magic even the most ordinary moments of life.

Visual Artist
I have struggled with depression all my life and found my way through meditation and spiritual practices. I am absolutely sure that the only way to self-realization begins with your thoughts.

Founder of the MagicCrystal

After many years of running away from myself, I realized that the best way to improve is to master my mind.
When you master your mind, you move forward faster and achieve more than perhaps you could even imagine.

Chief Poduct Officier
I believe that set of mind is the reason for everything in our . We can do anything we could imagine. Just add a bit of patience and creativity.
Our principles
We will be publishing our roadmap, charity allocation reports, tech updates, and schedule of all events. We are trying to create a safe and reliable environment for all members of the community.
Absolute transparency
We could create a collection of 10,000 NFT at a time, but we want to grow with our community. Let you decide how to charge Magic Crystal, where to start the metaverse community, and which trainers we should invite to events
Collective decision-making
Real-world applied NFTs
According to our roadmap, our Ntfs will be applicable to a metaverse-based space. Based on the features of your Magic Crystal, you will get additional opportunities to use the Magic Crystal
The world of spiritual development is full of contradictory ideas and practices, otherwise, we would apply only those practices that have proven to be effective
Evidence-based approach

We view our NFT holders as a group of dedicated people who are ready to grow with us in their spirit, wealth and strength of mind
Who are our followers?
Very soon we will start regular events with the participation of world-famous life and business coaches

We have made our NFTs applicable and user-friendly. Each MagicCrystal includes an invitation to the metaverse platform and guarantees a certain amount of our token.
Utility connoisseurs & NFT/Metvers enthusiasts

25% of the profit goes to the Ukrainian charity foundation. We are focused on making the children's future better. And now the best place for this is Ukraine.
All who what to make the world a better place

Who are our followers?
Each MagicCrystal includes an affirmation and personalized spiritual tasks. All the holders of MagicCrystal are invited to Spiritvers. Our platform for personal growth and meditation
Spiritual growth searchers

Investors & moneymakers
All MagicCrystal owners will receive their share of the profits from our spiritual metaverse platform. For this purpose, we are launching our own token.

Make at least 10% of people around the world happier by 2035 through group and individual meditation, spiritual training, soft skills, mental development, coaching lectures, networking, and other effective activities. We believe that if at least 10% of people become happier, then it is quite possible that all of humanity and the world will change for the better.

Our Mission:
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